Detached house in the ‘Cortijo Grande’ of Turre

Turre, 2010

Client: Michael John

Project drafting and construction management

The project maintains the current built perimeter, the constructed area is not increased, only gaining outdoor space in the form of terraces, by transforming the sloping roofs into flat roofs.

The project is understood as the succession of open spaces, which are juxtaposed to form a continuous and diaphanous space, filtered through elements that act as filters, and enriched through changes in ceiling and floor level according to the intended use, as well as of a very careful selection of coverings and materials. The spaces on both floors are joined together in the same way, without doors or enclosures, being understood as a single continuous space and not as two independent floors.

The functional program has been established by the customer. The different uses are distributed throughout the building according to their importance, with the main uses occupying the best locations. On the ground floor we find the living room, dining room and kitchen, which together with the hall make up an open plan. From the hall starts the staircase that takes you to the upper floor, this space becomes a well of light. On the first floor we find the study and the master bedroom, as another continuous space, screened by a central closet, at the back we find the bathroom. A large terrace is created as a projection of the house towards the outside, and a solarium is created on the last deck, which is accessed through an external staircase.

The space follows the existing structural logic, so that the stability of the adjoining buildings is not affected. The exterior appearance of the building also seeks to integrate into the environment through the use of white in the vertical cladding and the paving inspired by stone slabs for the terraces.