Park of the Catalan farmhouse in Salou

Salou, 2010

Client: Salou City Council

Project drafting and construction management

The Masía Catalana park is an emblematic area of the municipality, but it has suffered significant degradation as a result of the passage of time and lack of maintenance. Furthermore, it is a space with very little specific and scattered use, and above all very seasonal, concentrated in the summer months when a craft market is set up. Lastly, its own architectural configuration as a completely closed enclosure, with its back to the city, makes it even more difficult for it to be a space with a fluid relationship with its immediate surroundings and in general with the rest of the municipality.

That is why the intervention is a response to these problems, which in this first phase focuses on three main axes: rehabilitate the poor condition in which the enclosure is found, promote existing uses, make it more accessible and turn it into a space open to the immediate surroundings and the city in general.

The bulk of the project consists of building a new perimeter that is much more permeable, both visually and physically; the extension of the access space, widening the sidewalk and replacing the pavements; the rehabilitation of the existing buildings of the Masía; the orderly construction of a new craft market; and the creation of a new children’s area.