Sant Oleguer in Sabadell

Sabadell, 2009

Client: Sabadell City Council

Project drafting and construction management

The new construction of the indoor athletics track of Catalonia on the banks of the Ripoll river, and the existence of other large sports facilities such as the ‘La Bassa’ pool, the outdoor athletics track and the Jaume Serra pools, all in a environment with a strongly marked topography, made necessary a new connection between facilities. For this, a path is built that saves the 26.5 m drop.

The solution adopted is the construction of a zig-zag path that develops the route with three sections to join the platforms and save the great unevenness.

The road is projected with a constant width of 3.7 m, which widens when it reaches the highest part, a constant slope and a colored asphalt pavement.